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Help! - what our quiz reveals about asking for help with depression

quiz results Feb 01, 2023

Asking for help

One of the most difficult steps in the journey through depression is taking the step to seek help.

Our quiz results, at time of writing, illustrate who people have opened up to and how supported they have felt.



Are people supportive when we have depression?

The major takeaway for me, and something I think is really important to emphasise, is that 67% of people reported that the response to them opening up was supportive. By comparison, 19% felt unsupported.



Nobody wants to fight depression alone

I always say, nobody wants to fight depression alone, rather, they feel they have to. There can be many reasons for this and a later post in this series will explore the fears that stop people from speaking to somebody.

I would hope that the 14% of people who haven't opened up to anybody may take some comfort from the majority who have found the response to be supportive, and consider seeking support for themselves.

Another interesting point for me was how few people opened up to a colleague. Does this reflect that people feel that others would be more helpful / supportive, or does it suggest a perception that a lot more still needs to be done in order for people to feel able to open up about mental health at work? 

Do any of these findings surprise or particularly interest you?

I'd love to hear what you think.

Best wishes,


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