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Matthew always felt he had a charmed life, until he didn’t anymore...

In 2006 severe depression knocked him off his feet. He almost didn’t get up.

Despite a beautiful family and a career in boxing, the sport he loved, depression wasn't finished with him, and in 2013 and again in 2019 it beat up on him some more.

But like his childhood hero Rocky Balboa, Matthew ‘didn’t hear no bell.’

He hit back, and has used his experiences to help others, by writing his book, ‘Something Changed: Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating and Depression’, published in 2017, by featuring in a number of major mental health campaigns, and by creating Knock Out Depression in 2021. 

Matthew is a qualified life coach and boxing coach, and holds a degree in sports science. He spent 11 years working for the national governing body for boxing, England Boxing, where he created Box In Mind, a boxing-specific mental health awareness workshop, in partnership with Mind.

He has worked for a mental health charity, supporting individuals to improve their mental health, as well as featuring in a number of mental health awareness campaigns.

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Watch Matthew in Time to Change Global's short video, featuring actress Glenn Close.

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Matthew’s bestselling book, Something Changed - Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating & Depresison, is a brutally honest, insightful, funny and uplifting memoir of overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges, and being better for the experience. 

Offering a man’s perspective on the trials and tribulations of divorce, dating and depression, it is an illuminating and moving read for men and women alike.

It is available from Amazon in paperback and ebook editions.

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Matthew Williams Something Changed book review

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