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Knock Out Depression combines boxing training with support to understand and manage depression - we help you find the right combination to feel like you again.

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We offer programmes in the heart of the community ...

As communities seek to rebuild from the Covid pandemic and face ongoing challenges due to the rising cost of living, mental health problems are becoming an ever increasing concern.

People are struggling, and our local services just aren’t able to cope with the growing need.

Too many people are struggling in silence.

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Long waiting lists for help
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Limited treatment options
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Stigma preventing people from seeking support
Dates and Venues
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Depression hits harder than any opponent in the ring ever could...

It affects relationships, work, and the ability to perform at your best. It beats any happiness and joy out of your life, and you retreat away from friends, family, and hobbies.

Depression can be such a debilitating illness, yet help and support can be so difficult to access. It shouldn't be this way. It shouldn’t be so difficult for people to get help.

Physical and mental training

Our live community programme offers once-weekly sessions, where participants will receive fun, non-contact boxing training, followed by a Knock Out Depression education, discussion and group support session.

Matthew Williams delivering Knock Out Depression at Billingham Boxing Academy
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Fully funded programmes - our community programmes are free to attend
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No diagnosis needed - if you're struggling and need help, we're here for you
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All participants receive access to full suite of online resources
Dates and Venues
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